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Carla Bonnell


When Carla Bonnell hits the stage, expect to be entertained, educated on proper Maritimes slang, and have your musical senses dazzled at the depth of soul in her own compositions. Carla has played for the many and the few throughout her professional career. Her sets are often mixed with her own songs and some of her and her fans favorite covers. Being a water sign, she is quite mutable, and will often change her set while on stage if she senses the vibe of her audience is craving a certain mood for the evening.

Carla comes from a nowhere road called Hwy 10 in New Brunswick where she enjoyed being raised by her grandparents on 100 acres of mosquito breeding ground where she hid out in her room as a teenager and learned to play guitar out of a book. There was no googling our youtube available. Although trained as a pianist, guitar became the instrument of choice only because it was lighter than the upright piano to take to house parties. Her strongest musical influences were bands such as Skynyrd and Steve Earle that seemed to have a strong cross over ability between genres while holding the spirit of folk music in the midst.

2014 Minto Country Music Wall of Fame Inductee

Akademia Awards California-Best Folk Song and Best Folk Video 2014-2015

Indie Radio-Folk Song of the Year 2015

ECMA Nominee 2015


Carla Bonnell
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