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Cold Hard Cash

Folsum Prison

Ring of Fire


Since 2011, Cold Hard Cash has been entertaining audiences with their energetic and soul-capturing tribute to Johnny Cash. They have worked hard to hone the details of the show, taking the audience for a time-travelling experience. Different eras are brought to life with the band’s sharp formal dress changing alongside the many distinct styles of Cash’s music. The attention to detail also comes out in the sensitive ear put toward capturing the unique sound. Seeking a complete entertainment experience, Cold Hard Cash focusses on drawing the audience in with witty humour and dynamic stage presence. It is a show that appeals to the young and old alike. From people foot stomping in their seats to tearing up the dance floor, Cold Hard Cash prides itself on the diversity of its music and fans.

Cold Hard Cash started making their mark at legion halls and are now filling theatres, playing larger music festivals, and performing across Canada. The band has shared the stage with bigger acts at venues such as the Winkler Harvest Festival and the Red River Exhibition in Winnipeg. The future looks exciting for Cold Hard Cash as they continue to take their show to the next level and establish their unique approach to creating a complete tribute band experience.

Curtis Cash (Lead Vocals/Guitar)


Curtis had a life-long dream of being the front man for a Johnny Cash tribute band. He began playing acoustic guitar at a young age and discovered that he loved to sing various styles of music. In 1996, Curtis had the unique experience of meeting Johnny Cash outside his tour bus. He was awestruck by Cash’s humble and reflective demeanor. This was the catalyst that made Curtis’s dream a reality. He has worked many years on capturing the distinct baritone voice of Johnny Cash.


Joel Kulik    (Drums/Trumpet/Back-up vocals)


Joel has been beating on the drums for a wide variety of musical styles over the years. From playing folk to metal, he continues to broaden his horizon. By day he is a high school chemistry teacher. By night he is the cold hard rhythmic foundation of the musical styling of Johnny Cash.

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Bob Cruden  (Lead Guitar/Back-up vocals)


Mr. Bob Cruden’s electric guitar picking is smooth, coloured with tasteful licks. His guitar sound ranges from the head-bopping rockabilly sound of the 50’s to the foot stomping hard rock sound of the 90’s. Bob has been playing guitar for over 4 decades and has wide range of musical experience. His rich tones and tender picking complete the sound of the Cold Hard Cash experience

Neal Scheller (bass guitar)


Neal has been strumming in different bands for years. His influences include Hank Sr., The Beatles, and CCR. Being a former railroader, Neal enjoys the steady rhythms in Cash's songs. Neal is excited that it’s now boom-chica-boom with Cold Hard Cash!

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