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Double Vision

Double Vision

...Twin Magic and Comedy:  Canada's only identical twin magic act. 


"Awesome...flawless."  Sask. Regional Parks Assoc.  

"Made me look good for picking you." Factor Forms Inc.

"In a word...WOW!"  Kramer Industries

For the past twenty seven years Double Vision has performed across North America. Special appearances for the Prime Minister at his official residence in Ottawa, the Magic Castle, in the heart of Hollywood and at corporate events from Vancouver and Montreal to Arizona and South Carolina.

Experience time travel (time flies thanks to the twins award-winning magic, comedy and audience participation), mind reading (they knew you'd read this), teleportation (you'll be travelling to the show) and cloning (they're identical twins)  A one-of-a-kind show, except there's two of them!  Working together since birth, Double Vision share a very quick wit and actually "talk to the audience" during the show.  Their comedy is so clean they can eat off of it...and they do. The duos improvisational skills add an "anything can happen" element and the magic in the show features their unique twin twist.  


Make your conference, gala or community event an outstanding occasion.  Event planners and agents count on Double Vision to deliver a unique, worry free show that brings in repeat clients.  Book now and become a part of TWINstory! 


Mitchell Hrycan (the better looking twin...)
Michael Hrycan (the other twin...)




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