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Dean Gunnarson

Dean Gunnarson has achieved new heights as an escape artist. Whether he is dangling by his toes from a trapeze bar 726 feet over Hoover Dam in Las Vegas or opening for legendary bands like Aerosmith; Dean is always setting new records. He has successfully conquered many challenges and obstacles by taking his daring escapes to incredible limits.

Dean’s preformed everywhere from the Great Wall of China to the ancient Pyramids of Egypt, the Glaziers of Iceland & the Amazon rain forest of South America, Niagara Falls, the bright lights of Las Vegas & from Hollywood to Nashville to Broadway. Dean has preformed from one end of this Earth to the other!

He has been seen on TV in over 165 countries worldwide. Holds two world records for his escaping, and was awarded the title “World’s Greatest Escape Artist” on a TV show in Japan. He just returned from China were he escaped the path of a speeding roller coaster that was watched by over 300 million people….





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