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Wanted Man

Tribute to Johnny Cash




WANTED MAN A Tribute to Johnny Cash is the premier tribute performance commemorating a spirit full of danger, excitement and wild, creative energy.

Johnny Cash had a successful career spanning over five decades. He gave the world a basic and distinct sound that will be enjoyed for generations. The Man in Black is an extraordinary musical icon and has been honored worldwide.

Known as one of the hottest acts in the world, Johnny Cash transcended all musical genres and left audiences from prisoners to presidents wanting more.

Wanted Man starring MSOUL as the ‘Man in Black‘ is the world’s longest running tribute to Johnny Cash.

The show has toured across North America and Europe delighting audiences of all ages since 2003. Now is your chance to experience the songs and music live.

With his deep, resonant baritone, MSOUL makes this tribute a concert to remember. As an accomplished Canadian singer/songwriter, MSOUL engages you in some of the greatest music of all time with the voice, rhythm & look that will leave you wanting more.

Wanted Man A Tribute To Johnny Cash entertains audiences around the globe. Experience the outlaw phenomenon in the rhythm and music that made Johnny Cash a true legend, by one of the greatest living interpreters of Johnny Cash songs.

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