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Robin Chestnut

Two time Canadian Juggling Champion Robin Chestnut has been wowing audiences, and making them laugh all at the same time for more than 20 years. Robin’s skills and affable sense of humour have taken him from cruise ships in the Bahamas to capital of Saudi Arabia, to Shanghai, China, and all over Canada, just for following what he loved to do.

His humorous discourse on goal achievement takes a light-hearted look at the self-improvement industry. One leaves the show feeling happy, successful, and above all grateful that they are not a professional juggler.







  • Represented Canada in China in 2008... just not at the Olympics

  • 1st Canadian Juggler to Perform in Saudi Arabia

  • World Juggling Championships, Reno, Nevada, Top Canadian

  • Two-Time Canadian Juggling Champion

  • Western Canada Summer Games, Opening Ceremonies

  • Performed with Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

  • Co-host, A-channel’s Big Breakfast TV talk show

  • Premiere Cruise Lines, SS Oceanic, SS Atlantic

  • Pan Am Games

  • Literally Hundreds of Corporate and Conference Events

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