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Russell Lee

Russell Lee is Canada’s true born story-teller. Originally from Saskatchewan, and former resident of the Maritime, Russell moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba after getting serious radio play. Now a resident of the Prairies, he continues to have his folk-country rock sound resonate across Canadian landscapes. One can easily fall into a ride-along to his smooth vocals, honest lyrics and reminiscent memories. Russell describes his music and songwriting as his true calling, and a fundamental way of life. 

Russell Lee is made up of himself - the primary songwriter, and his band who are an integral part of his act. 

Working together, Russell Lee and his band have built the sound Russell has always envisioned for his music, bringing it to life in studio and on stage. 

A current career highlight, Russell recently performed a full set-list at the world-renowned Dauphin, Manitoba CountryFest, an honor not many musicians get to share. This diverse musician has been keeping busy reaching out to his fans by playing a multitude of live shows, which include venues such as Park Theater, the Lyric Stage Assiniboine Park, Fabulous 50’s Car show, and many others. He has also shared the stage with artists such as Helix, Keith and Rene, Sierra Noble, Leaf Rapids, Trooper, and will be at Winnipeg’s Dauphin Countryfest (June 29 - July 2, 2017) again with known Country acts, Johnny Reid, Charlie Major, Keith Urban, and more. 

Russell Lee and his band continue to engage audiences, wherever they go, delivering a fun and passionate set, while still evoking emotion out of his spectators. The honesty in his performance gives his fans a home-like sense of warmth that is welcoming and sincere. 

One of Russell’s latest singles “Picture” received over 200K views on YouTube (and still growing), proving to be quite a relatable song to many. “I remember when I was younger; I was at a friend’s house. I was going through a photo album that showed his family throughout the years and generations. Not knowing any of the people in the pictures, I was thinking of what the story was about each person. When my friend told me the history of them, I was surprised of some of the explanations. Ever since then I think about what I see. There is an old saying ‘every picture has a thousand words’ I also also tend to think “that there is a story in all of us, waiting to be told. Is it what we really think that we see?’ This is what inspired me to write this song.”

Russell Lee’s most recent LP “What Do I Do” is emotional, passionate and sincere. “It is about a personal story, although there are some that are just reflections of my thoughts of places, things, scenarios that I have seen. I like being able to tell a story in a song and hoping the message comes out in the music. 


“Russell Lee’s newest album, What Do I Do is an example of just that. On the record, he sings about love, loss, and everything in between with catchy melodies. The small town, old fashioned country vibes of his music might take people down memory lane.” - Music Unlabled Indie Review 

“His interpretation of the lyrics to express real life events and emotions is right on. The inflection of his voice and the message in the lyrics of how tough it can be to make just the right connection in a relationship, no matter what it might be is inspirational and heartfelt.” -  Nashville Music Guide 

“If you’re looking to relate, chill out, or simply find a new take on something that’s been bugging you, Russell Lee’s What Do I Do is good medicine.” - Scallywag Magazine 

“Russell Lee is a working man’s musician. A passion for music unites with a skill for crafting catchy, honest songs that fall somewhere on the spectrum between classic-esque country and refreshingly modern folk-rock” - Middle Tennessee Music 

“On “What Do I Do” Russell Lee presents a shimmering future of country, as the songs are thoughtful and highly articulate with a poetic quality deeply embedded within them.” - Beach Sloth Records

“Canadian Country/Rock recording artist, Russell Lee, has a great voice with just the right amount of emotional investment in his songs. This much can be gathered from his latest single and video release, “Picture” taken from the album “What Do I Do”. Russell has got that baritone crooning sound to him which Country audiences love. You can liken it to melted chocolate and smooth cappuccino with an added smattering of Bailey’s” - Tuneloud





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