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Chris Funk

Stage Show/Stand Up Show:

Chris Funk is a magician who has created a hybrid of magic combining influence, intuition, illusion with hilarious comedy. By doing so, he has single-handedly created a whole new way for audiences to experience mystery and entertainment in a clean, fun, interactive way.


Performance Style:

Chris Funk’s show is a winning combination of magic for the eyes plus mental magic presented with humour that will be attractive to everyone – always a clean, respectable show. In this performance, Chris will accurately deduce locations that your guests are merely of. He will predict impossible circumstances, and cause borrowed objects to appear in unusual places all while interacting in an engaging, captivating, hilarious way, making everyone think… How’d He Do That!


Close Up Magic:

Chris has definitely made a name for himself as one of Canada’s finest close up magicians. He has been in demand for functions that range from black tie events to corporate functions to weddings and private parties. No matter what the event, magic brings people together. It creates an environment where people can experience child-like curiosity again. With over 17 years of studying the art of magic, Chris can and will guarantee exactly that.


Creative Team Building & Keynotes:

Many events are starting to require various forms of Keynote Speakers or Special Presentations. Chris Funk’s show can be tailored to be an effective yet entertaining alternative to the typical speaker. Presentations are perfect to start off a conference or to end a convention on a high note. If you have seen one of Chris Funk’s magic shows, then you know the impact it has on the audience.





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