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Jon Ljungberg

(Comedian, Host, Emcee, Radio & T.V. Personality, Caricaturist)

Jon Ljungberg (Youngberg) has been entertaining audiences for the past 2 1/2 decades across North America including 38 States, every Canadian Provence and even Mexico. He is an award winning comedian appearing at the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival and has performed at the Riviera casino in Las Vegas as well. His work also includes work in film as well as on television having recently wrapped up 11 years as the host of CITYtv's Breakfast Television of which he received the "Broadcast Excellence Award" from the Broadcasters association of Manitoba.


* Jon has been performing for 25 years including hitting the stage at The Montreal Just for Laughs Festival, The Rivera in Las Vegas and hundreds of corporate events across North America.


* He has opened for Celine Dion and Tom Jones and he was  first comedian to perform in this new showroom last year with Huey Lewis and the News.


* Most of you woke up with him every morning during his 11 year run as the host of CITY tv's Breakfast Television.


Ladies and gentlemen, Jon Ljungberg (Youngberg)

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