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Stuart McRorie Tait is a Canadian Metis electronic musician and performe
"I perform an eclectic variety of live music. I have developed a unique and innovative live electronic instrumentation that allows me to perform music totally live. I don't use any pre-recorded devices or sequencing. Vivres Electronique!"

For quite some time I have been striving to build a bridge between electronic sound generation and live performance. The goal was not only to create an instrument that would sound good, it should also be playable in real-time with musical expressiveness. After years of development I have succeeded in creating this instrumentation. By using the technique of coordinated independence, I have over the years put together an original and innovative electronic instrumentation of keyboards and sensors to sing and play all the
parts of a musical composition in real time.

Live Musical Performance

Performing music live is the fundamental principle upon which I have based my musical life on. Now, what's the difference between McRorie the living musician and a machine? If you input the same parameters into a machine it will always reproduce the exact same result. But even the best musician will not be able to reproduce the same song and
composition 100% identically without some variations. Some of these happen accidentally and some of them are well intended. These deviations and digressions make the music become
alive and real.










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