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Ryan Ash



“…a Tour-De-Force” – CBC Radio

“…Uncommonly well written.” – Edmonton Journal


There’s only so many trips one can take to the principal’s office in middle school before you must face the facts. You are a class clown.


Before Ryan grew his resume with appearances in movies, television and theatre, before he became the host of Shaw TV’s Kingo Bingo and the head of creative content for Shaw TV’s Week Thus Far, before he was nominated for awards in theatre and stand up comedy and fight choreography, Ryan Ash was constantly locked in his school’s detention room, subject to inquiries as to why an honor’s student could not keep himself from cracking jokes despite the teacher’s pleas for him to stop. To Ryan, the answer was obvious. He was in training.


Now Ryan is in his twenties and he has seen over a decade of the professional entertainment business. He’s appeared in 3 Winnipeg comedy festivals including a “Best of Fest” gala. He won “Winnipeg’s Gone Wacky” for the Winnipeg Free Press in 2011, and can be heard on Sirius XM satellite radio. He has entertained crowds between 2 and 2000 people. And he’s just getting started.


Undoubtedly quick-witted, stepping to the stage with equal parts laser sharp focus and extreme ADHD; Ryan loves nothing more than seeing a room unite with laughter. His perception of the world is far from ordinary, but he takes delight in appealing to every demographic. His flair for vocabulary matched with the occasional outburst of hysteria keep his audience guessing and wanting more. Ryan is one of the young faces hotly accelerating through the ranks of the stand up world. Check him out.

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