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The White Doves

Band members include:

James Hiebert -Vocals and acoustic guitar

Sara Clefstad -Vocals and percussion

Jonny Kirouac - Rhythm, lead guitars, and vocals

Mike Ormonde - Rhythm and lead guitars

Alex Campbell - Keyboards, harmonica, and vocals

Jesse Ives - Bass

Tim Iskierski - Drums and percussion



The White Doves pay homage to the ultimate southern harmony and musical companions, The Black Crowes.

The Crowes’American rock music is timeless and

infectious, and they have sold over 35 million records.

As a tribute act, The White Doves faithfully cover such classics as Twice As Hard, Remedy, She Talks To Angels, Jealous, Hard To Handle and much more.

With over three sets worth of great Black Crowes songs

under their bonafide belt buckles, The White Doves are a pure

southern comfort to your musical journey.




Go Faster

Jealous Again


Seeing Things


Sister Luck

Thick and Thin

By Your Side

She Talks To Angels

Wiser Time

Thorn In My Pride

Sting Me



Could Ive Ever Been So Blind

Kicking My Heart Around

Only A Fool

My Morning Song

Hard To Handle

Hotel Illness



Stare It Cold

Girl From a Pawnshop

Soul Singin’

Twice As Hard



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